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Identity crisis  [Updated on 2012-04-30]
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After the 2nd Jana andolan of 2061/62, Nepal has seen different changes, some positive ones but mostly negative ones. It’s praiseworthy that after so many decades of oppression, finally all those marginalized group of our country are raising voice for their own identity and are being part of mainstream development. Different ethnic castes like Limbu, Rai, Kirat, Magar, Newar, Dalit, Chepang and others are now finally beginning their new start. It’s good to hear and see after all we are brothers and sisters. A country with multi-diverse religion, castes, culture maintaining tolerance among each other is a dream we all long for. But this is not the scenario in the context of our country. As, finally those suppressed and oppressed ones are headed towards open sky, politics has again played its dirty trick. Politicians make big issues of nothing for their own interest rather than the development of citizens. They are even ready to scatter the country into different pieces in the name of Prades, Madhesh, Swadesh and others. Daily, different parties organize “bandas” in name of different reasons. But have any one has ever thought that in name of identity, these political parties are in verse of dividing this unified country for their own interest. Recently, even in “Madhesh” Tharus are demanding for their own “Prades”. What is happening in our country, sometimes, 7 Prades, 12, and now 14 Prades. Why are they doing so? Who wants it? All we want is Peace and Constitution. 

But why are they forgetting that dividing country in name of different Prades won’t do any good and will only bring long term devastation. And even, if the government divides the country into different Prades, who will be responsible for their development? Nepal is too weak to handle all this. A country’s whose budget depends on the foreign aids cannot afford the division in different states. Where government is not being able to handle one nation how it is suppose to handle different states and why this fight? Political parties are definitely one to blame but for some reasons we are also to blame. First, we are Nepali and then come our cultural identity.  A person identity is his Nationality. Yes, Nepal is a garden of different colors of flowers but after all it is a garden, and one wrong move then the whole garden will ruin. And in this section of Let’s Talk about it, we have incorporated this topic and ask everyone, “Can we afford our cultural identity on the cost of our Nationality?” Please let us know what you have to say.

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