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Mausami Gurung  [Updated on 2007-11-14]
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I was born on March 4th in Barrackpur, Calcutta  , India since my father Nain Singh Gurung used to serve in the Indian Army. My family actually hails from Rumjatar, Okhaldhunga. My mother’s name is Chini Maya Gurung and I am the eldest in my family. My brother Sachin works at HotelSoalteeCrownePlaza and my sister is a teacher at GalaxySchool.
I spent my childhood at various places in India. Wherever my father was transferred, the whole family used to go along with him. While I was a kid, I was a very shy person. I hardly talked to outsiders, leave alone strangers but at home I was very mischievous. I still remember an incident while I was in Dheradhun. I was in nursery and while going to school, I always used to carry this black umbrella with me. On the way to school, there was this beehive. A passerby hit the hive with a stone, and the bees swarmed around me and stung me all over! This is something, which I still remember and will probably will never be able to forget! Besides this, once a dog had also attacked me.
I received my basic education at CentreSchool, where the kids of Army men were enrolled. I have changed schools numerous times since I was admitted in schools wherever my dad was transferred! I passed my class 10 from UP Board and later completed my plus two studies from India itself. It was in 2001 that I came to Nepal to make my citizenship card and once here, I didn’t feel like going back to India. I decided to stay back and choose to study music. I learnt music for four years and later passed a voice test from Radio Nepal. I have also worked as a teacher. Initially, I used to teach at PlusSchool and later for six years, I worked at KidsHutSchool. As of now, I am not teaching anywhere though I would love to!
I used to love singing even while I was a small kid! I used to participate at school functions especially singing and dancing. After I slowly started understanding music, I also started learning and practicing music back in India but I didn’t go much further! During that time in Lukhnow, some army uncles had a church band and I used to sing with them and started learning to do things right. That was the first time that I sang on a mike and I literally used to love doing so! While doing shows with them, I used to sing Hindi songs with them! The first Nepali track, which I sang was for a Nepali movie called “Sapana Sapana” and the other one was a patriotic number “Yo Karma Bhumiko Aaga”. I had never thought that I would one day make my career in Music. It just happened with time!
After coming to Nepal with the sole objective of making my citizenship card, I didn’t feel like going back to India. That was when I started learning music at Gandharva Sangeet Kendra and during the same time I got an opportunity to sing the title song of ‘Deshai Ramailo’ of DB Gurung. I also sang another number from the same album called “Itaiko Garo”. Since, the album was not promoted well, the songs really didn’t make it to the headlines! Later on, I realized that I ought to also come up with my own album. In Chait, 2060, I released my first album ‘Unforgettable’ under the banner of Dhaulagiri Cassette Centre. Songs on it like “Parelima Chau Ki Kaso” and “Mero Maan” provided me the platform and introduced me to the Music industry of Nepal  . After this, I started mingling around with other artists. Songs from my debut album were also able to get into the nomination list of Hits FM Music Awards and Image FM Awards. With time, I started singing on albums of others. One of the songs, which I was featured called “Ma Nepali” by Nirnaya Shrestha also gave me recognition as well as an award. Here on, I also started singing remixed numbers. “Chayngba Oi Chyangba” a remix number, which I did, has become very popular! I have also given my voice on “Kanchi Hey Kanchi”, “Machi Marana”, “Jhumke Phooli” and “Ma Roop Hu” among others. I always dreamt of singing old numbers and getting an opportunity to sing remixed versions was indeed a great experience. I am happy that my wish has been fulfilled! Besides singing songs, I also started doing voice overs for various advertisements. Till date, I think I have done over 800 jingles including voice overs as well. Some of the advertisements are for Fair and Lovely, Dabur, Rajhans, Pepsodent and Frooti among others. I have also done playback singing for over 14 movies. Some of them are ‘Itihas’, ‘Jwalamukhi’, ‘Paley Dai’ and ‘Aagni’ etc.
I am planning to release my second album ‘Pal’ very soon. It shall be after a gap of about four years between my first and second. Most probably this album would be released in Baisakh. The music video of one of the songs on it called “Launata” has been shot entirely in the UK.
I am a bit confused regarding this love matter. I believe that love is not only about feelings between human beings. It can also happen with things! I don’t have any particular opinion regarding the ‘love’ between a male and a female. I hear people saying “love is life” and later on they part their ways. Initially, they decide to marry each other but in the end, they land up marrying someone else! Love has become some sort of fashion and this is why I don’t believe in relationships. It does not take long for many here to change their partners. Saying all this, I don’t mean to say that true love does not exist but still…!
Marriage in some ways is also a responsibility with compromises. In a marriage, two people compromise on certain issues. In love, chances are many that things don’t work out fine and on the other hand, this does not happen often in marriages. Marriage is a strong commitment and it is more than difficult to break off it. I prefer arranged marriage and the probability is that I might get married soon. In fact, the coming year itself! Proposals are flowing in but I wish my to-be-husband to be understanding, helpful and a caring person. I don’t care about where he is from!

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