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Sangita Pradhan Rana  [Updated on 2012-04-10]
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I was born in the year 1962 A.D 15th of July, in Biratnagar, Nepal. Though I was born in Nepal, when I was 2 years old I went India with my parents and spend my childhood there. I was born as the youngest daughter to my father L.M. Pradhan and My mother Shanti Devi Pradhan and altogether we are three brothers and two sisters in the family. When I was a kid, I was very shy. I was a very silent and polite kind of girl. I was very disciplined and almost did no any kind of “masti”. I did my schooling in St. Joseph School, Darjeeling. After that, I went Calcutta and joined Vishwo Bharati University from where I completed my Bachelors and my Masters. My mother was very interested in Music so, she let me join music classes from the early age of six. As, I started learning Music from so early age, my interest towards Music gradually grew but it was then when 

I was in Vishwo Bharati University that my interest grew even more and more and I started taking it more seriously. The environment that I got in Vishwo Bharati University was the one that helped me develop my passion and interest in Music. In that university, many Indian famous singers like Jagjit Singh, Gulam Ali use to come to give us lectures and even perform some songs and gazals for us students and it is how it all started. When I was in college, I used to live in hostel so, some of us friends use to bunk hostel to attend classical musical programs. Though we used to bunk, we were not caught and even if we were caught, we never got punish. (haha…)


Entry into Music

I used to participate in many school programs and later when I entered college, I started taking it more seriously than ever. I took classical subject in college. During our college time, the then big stars like Nikhil Banarjee, Jagjit Singh used to come for lectures and even used to perform in some programs. I would say this kind of environment also helped more to grow my interest in music especially in classical. When I was doing my Masters, I meet Viman Bashu, Managing Director of HMV Music Company of India. He heard me sing, came to me, and suggested me to record a song. He even flattered me for my voice and then I requested him to record my songs, gazals and bhajans in Nepali and this was the first time around 1982 that I first recorded my song. After that, I came Katmandu. Soon enough, I got chance to be a lecturer in Lalit kala Campus. In all these years I have sang numbers of songs, but I have never released any album till date. Recently, Music Nepal is planning to release my solo album, so these days I am busy in it


Beyond Music

I do not specifically do anything beyond Music. I teach music in some places and colleges so early in the morning I practice myself.  I like watching movies so to be fresh sometime I watch movies, practice, and listen music. I do not like traveling. I would prefer a nice movie rather than traveling.



I am very silent and polite kind of person. I am of very shy nature. As everyone does, I do too have self-respect. I am very simple. I do not easily rely on people. I keep some distance when talking to new people. What can I say about myself? I think this is it.


Love Marriage & Sex

I prefer love. There is no any hard and fast rule in love. We fall in love with almost everyone, be it be our beloved one, family, children or friends.  Love is so huge, so vibrant that it has space for everyone. Moreover, even in marriage I prefer love because as I said there is no hard and fast rule in it. While talking about Sex, it is essential to everyone. Everyone go through a certain age on their life, when they are likely to have desire for it. Therefore, I think it is natural.




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