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Aagantuk Kharel  [Updated on 2012-04-02]
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I was born in the14th December, in Shankhuwasabha. I was born as the youngest daughter to my father Krishna Prasad Kharel and My mother Jeevan Kumari Kharel and altogether we are 1 brother and 4 sisters in the family. As I was the youngest child, I was very naughty and used to bunk classes. I read till grade 5 in Amradas School then after 6 to 8 in Kanya School, Katmandu and again I did my S.L.C from Dharan Secondary School. And once while I was on grade eight I got beaten by our teacher when he knew we bunked. We were 5 friends and I was their leader. My father was a government clerk, so we used to change places frequently according to his postings. After that again I came Katmandu and completed my +2 from Nobel Academy and did my B.A from Pashupati Campus.  My childhood was very good. Our family always focused on the importance of study so they also use to inspire me a lot. While talking about my hobby, I liked singing and even dancing from childhood and used to participate in different school programs as well especially in parent’s day, annual days and like that. After S.L.C, I thought to choose singing as my profession and even joined Dorieme for 5 years where I got taught by Guru Dev Kamant, Bhanu Bhakta, Bijay Singh Munal.

Entry into Music

     As I said earlier, after completing my S.L.C, I wanted to enter in Music. Even my family encouraged me so I tried my luck in singing. I took classes on Dorieme. And in 2002 I recorded my first song “tipera fakyau phul ko thunga” of Gurudev Kamat sir.And in around 2006 , I released my 1st album “ban ma fulyo ful” and then after in around 2009 I released my 2nd album” bayer botai ma” from which “kun ranga ko kami thiyo” song was liked very much by my audience.And now after almost 3 year gap ,I am working in my 3rd album “aachal ko agaman” .Actually , Aachal is my 19th month old daughter and I want to dedicate this album to my daughter. I have even started working on one song esp. for my daughter.

Beyond Music

 Most of the time, I am on music, and beyond it, I spend my time upbringing my daughter, playing with her and like that. I listen music, learn and practice on my vocal. I try to get update about each and everything on Music. I love traveling esp. with my family and writing songs.


I’m talkative and I like person who talks more like me. I don’t like backbiting, if something is bothering me or if I don’t like anything about anyone then I say them frankly I their faces and want others to so same to me as well because it helps us to correct our mistakes. I am abit aggressive as well, I easily get angry but I too get cool easily at the same time. And I am trying to control my anger as well. I am helpful. I like doing donations rather than spending them recklessly. I even opted for donation on my daughter’s “pasni” rather doing fancy party. I don’t like rudeness. I follow politeness and frank attitude. And lastly , I am very reserved person about my personal life.

Love Marriage & Sex


   I prefer Love marriage and I do believe in love. In love, it gives us chance to know about each other, both bad and good habits so that we can cope up when situation gets out of control. Sex is natural. If there is understanding between two people, I think it is ok.

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