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Nirnaya Shrestha   [Updated on 2011-09-04]
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Name: Nirnaya Shrestha

Date of Birth :  February 15

Date of Birth Place: Birgunj




School :      1-4 St.Xavier's School 
                   5 Hillcrest Elementary School, Logan, Utah 
                   6-8 Mt. Logan Middle School, Logan, Utah 
                   9-10 St. Xavier's School 

Plus Two:  11-12 Campion Academy 


Bachelor:    Computer Science – Campion College 

From  2007-Present : Journalism & Mass Communication – College of Journalism Mass Communication


Trademark: Red Cap which he wants to represent as the Red Blood meaning "Underneath this Skin, We all have the same Red Blood flowing." He always wears a white band on his hand which represents peace. He says he always tries to have a white part to his clothing to represent peace Few of his trademark words includes No Doubt, K.A.T.H.mandu, he calls--she calls--me calls--we all calls, ", asu najhare pani, mana ta rola" - meaning tear might not shed but da' heart does cry


 - 1st School Band: Life Sucks [1997-2000] 

 - 1st Amateur Band: Nirnaya and the All Stars [1999-2000] 
 - Professional Group: Rappaz Union [1st album 2000]


Music Awards:


Best Hip Hop & Rap Artist - Kalika FM Award 2062 – Winner

Best Vocal Performance Of The Year with National Feeling "Ma Nepali"- Image Award 2061 – Winner

Channel Nepal Music Video Awards - "Din Pani" --Best Rap Video of the Year -- [As Rappaz Union] – Winner

6th Annual Image Award- Winner - Best Vocal Performance of the Year 2060 Rock or Others [As Rappaz Union] – Winner


Theory In Life: Don't judge a book by it's cover" because people usually see him and think anyone into hip hop is into drugs and alcohol but our NSK proves everyone wrong because he doesn't smoke or drink, drugs is a far away thing. He says "Youngsters need to see that drinking, smoking, doing drugs is not the only way of escaping your problem. It's been a long life and I've never ever put an alcohol or a cigarette in my mouth. That just shows that, if I can do it, so can u. Does something constructive put your mind at work and you’ll escape your bad habits." Taking about habits, you'll usually find da' NSK with a gum in his mouth.

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