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Rajina Rimal   [Updated on 2012-06-06]
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Rajina Rimal is one of the finest female singers found in Music Industry. With a musical journey of not so long, she has been able to achieve something bigger than her age itself. As a good singer she is, she is a very good human being and not to mention her politeness and simplicity. She is equally a good human being. In a short span of time, she has been able to make a both name and fame inside and outside the Music Industry. In this musical journey of her, she has been able to win hearts of thousand of fans all around the country. Dear viewers, we have Rajina Rimal in this week Frankly Speaking segment. Below are the versions shared by her fans and friends. 

Mandhavi Tripathi: 
With a sweet voice of her, I like her singing very much. She is a quality singer. It’s been such a short journey that she has entered in this field but though it’s been only 3 to 4 years, she has been able to make her own name and has standard of her own. She is a very good singer, very hard working and as a person she is very good and humble. It’s been just a while that I have known her during the program in Lukla. She is very sweet, very enjoyable and fun to have around. She is very respectful. What happens is some people are very show offs but she has not that kind of attitude which I like the most. No doubt she is a very good singer and I would suggest her to even work more hard and practice more in Music that will help her to grow as a better singer. 

Dipak Limbu:

 As a human being, Rajina is a very nice, good and friendly person. She is very sincere and is very respectful to everyone. Nobody is perfect and there is something we all lack even I do. But she is a kind of person who is always eager to learn more and more. She always steps forward to learn any new thing. Her singing is very nice. Her behavior with everyone is very good. She is respectful to everyone be it be her senior or junior. Very familiar with everyone. In age she is too young but she has been able to gain that success which is very praiseworthy and of course her singing is too good. I have known her for a while now, and I don’t think that she should change something or in her behavior. She is a very nice person and equally talented singer. 

Ades Gurumachan:
Rajina is a very good singer. She is a very friendly, nice and good human being. She has too much potential to be a good singer and she is. She has a bright future. She is a bit shying natured and very much respectful. She is always eager to learn which I think is her positive point. May be she is of young age; she is a bit childish yet sweet. Her singing is very nice. I don’t think anything is bad about her but as being a good and popular singer she doesn’t do much public appearances. So, I would suggest her to be more reachable to Media and to the audiences or fans as well. Besides that she is very good and I would suggest her to continue her musical journey with more good songs and albums. 

Sanjeev Mainali: 
is a very good singer. I like her very much may it be her singing or she in a person. Her behavior is very nice and she is very honest and sincere. She is very hard working. Everybody has their own kind of flaw and Rajina knows better than me in what she should work on. So, I would suggest her to work on them and as she does it, it will only help her to grow as a better singer day by day and year by year. Other than that, she is a very good singer with very good voice.

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Astha B
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Agantuk Kharel
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