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Astha B  [Updated on 2012-05-30]
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As a good singer, Astha B is equally a good human being. It been just three years that Astha has stepped in this Music Industry, but in a short span of time, she has been able to make a both name and fame inside and outside the Music Industry. In this musical journey of her, she has been able to win hearts of thousand of fans all around the country. Dear viewers, we have Astha B in this week Frankly Speaking segment. Below are the versions shared by her fans and friends. 

Hemanta Rana:
More than a close friend, Astha is more like a younger sister to me. As a person she is very humble, very sweet and simple. With her down to Earth attitude, she has been able to come this far in a very young age of her. No doubt, she is a very good singer but more than that she is very talented and hard working. It’s because of her hard work that she has been appreciated by everyone inside and outside Music Industry. I like everything about her and there is nothing that she should give up completely in respect of the things that are bad about her. Everything is good about her besides; sometimes she involves herself in unnecessary tensions and in small things so I would suggest her to be more practical. And she trusts people very easily but everyone is not as good as we think they are so I request her think more seriously before trusting others. 

Subeksha Khadka: 
As a human being, Astha is a very nice, good emotional and friendly person. She is a fun loving person and very adventurous. Though she loses her temper often inside her is very soft hearted girl. It’s been almost three years that I have known her and she is like a sister to me. Very understanding and humble, I think she has a great future ahead. She has a wonderful voice and her songs are also too good. And yes, she is a bit too emotional. Its good to be emotional but I think she should control her emotions because at times it is good but sometimes it may not benefit us. And she gets angry easily, so I suggest her to work on that. Other than that, she is a very good person cum singer. 

Supreme Dhital ( friend ) :
 Aastha is a very good singer. She is a very friendly, nice and good human being. She is very outgoing and adventurous and has too much potential to be a good singer. She has a bright future. No doubt she is a good singer but she has a lot to do. I think her as a sister and being a brother myself, I don’t see any flaw in my sister be it be her voice, singing or in person. Sometimes, she loses her temper but that’s ok. We all do but I would suggest her to be more patience especially when it comes to being angry. Besides that she is very good and suggests her to continue her musical journey with more passion and hard work.

Ajita Singh ( friend ): 
Astha is like a younger sister to me. It’s been years that we have known each other and she is a very good friend of mine as well. As a person, she is very friendly, helpful. She knows how to make difference between personal and professional life. There is always a balance that she is maintaining. As nobody is perfect, I would suggest her to be more serious about her music and career, give more time to her singing as she has a bright future ahead. Other than that everything is good about her.

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