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Bijaya Lama  [Updated on 2007-11-30]
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Deepesh Kishor Bhattrai (Singer):
I have known Bijaya right from the time when he was not even involved in the music industry. Though he is a little younger than me, age wise, our relationship is that of friends. I consider him as a good person rather than first thinking about him as a singer. As for his nature, I don't think there is anyone else who is capable of making and keeping a relationship in friendship than him. I have known him as a good person and till now I haven't found anyone who has complained about him. He is very jolly…keeps cracking jokes all the time. As far as his music is concerned, he still has a long way to go and has to make some adjustments here and there as well. He has not become a complete singer yet. The kind of selo music he is doing these days, he has to make some changes in them. Yes, it is true that for his vocal capabilities, the selo music suits him the best but I think he should try doing other kinds of music as well…all it needs is some practice. On his latest album "Beats of Mongolian" he has tried to present new patterns and he has succeed in doing so and I believe that in the future, he will be doing even better. Previously, he was very careless about his work and there were cases of negligence but now he has become far more serious which is evident from listening to his latest songs.   
Roj Moktan (Singer):
Bijaya Lama, as a human being is a very friendly person. He will do anything for a friend and he takes all his friendships seriously. While with friends, it seems that he is a little immature but deep within, you will find that he is a perfectly matured man. He has the ability to make decisions at the right time and at the right moments. He is an open hearted person and does not keep things inside himself; if there is something that he does not like, he does not hesitate to put forth his views. He has a very bad habit of getting angry too fast though but calms down even faster and is not the kind of person to hold any grudges against anyone. As a singer he does sing well but he still has not been able to capture the range and depth of the vocals yet and if he conducts himself a little seriously, I believe that he will be able to do so; all he needs to do is practice even more to become better.
Chandra Kumar Dong (Composer & Singer):
I have known Bijaya Lama for the last four years but it was only during our musical tour to Kalimpong together that we become even closer. He is a person with an open heart. He has a very good habit of talking about everything openly; joking with everybody and respecting each and every person. Bijaya is a person who takes his friendships seriously and will do everything that is humanely possible to keep that friendship. Talking about his music, the best quality I have seen so far of his is that he has deep faith in teamwork while doing any musical project. He takes advice from every single person, but makes his own decisions in the end. I have been very impressed by this ability of his. And talking about singing, his vocal capability has increased significantly than before. On his latest album "Beats of Mongolian" I have found a lot of maturity in his vocals but still needs to practice a lot. As for his negative aspects, he loves the night life and drinks a lot too. If he cuts down on these bad habits, he will be a much better person.
Min Sagar Lama (Writer & Composer):
I have known BIjaya since the last decade or so. In fact he started his musical career with my song "Jomsom Pari Pemba Gaun" and during all these years, I have found him to be a true ‘struggler’ and a person who is not affected with failures. Looking at him from a singer's point of view, he has by now come a long way. His vocal ability has increased a lot but it is still not enough and he has to keep on practicing. Talking about his negative aspect, and this is not only his but almost all other Nepali singers; after becoming a popular star, they start to develop some kind of an arrogant attitude and I have found the same with Bijaya on some occasions. He needs to work on this attitude. And since I am one of his well-wishers, I figure that it is my duty to tell him that once you are a public figure he should not go to places and do whatever he wishes to do. He should also get rid of his so called ‘friends’ whose intention is just to spoil him and his career. This might even affect his future and he should be very cautious.
Sanjaya Baral (Writer & RJ)
Talking about Bijaya, firstly I consider him as a good human being. He is a one of those ‘good’ singers in the Nepali music industry today who is really serious in what he does. At the same time he is a very jolly person and does not show his seriousness to other people. That must be the reason why people think that Bijaya is immature. As a singer, he is doing well these days but it is note enough for him. He needs to practice more and work harder.  I think that he is still in his learning phase. He is that type of guy who loves his friends from his heart. He is always ready to help his friends… friendship means every thing for him. As for his negative aspect, there is nothing to mention at the moment but it would be remarkable if he cuts down on his late night outs.

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