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Radio Kantipur Celebrates it’s 11th Anniversary  [Updated on 2009-11-17] 9630 views 0 Comments
The 11th Anniversary of Radio Kantipur started with a bang to say at least. A cheerful dance performance by the very own RJs of Radio Kantipur was very welcoming. Those who had been there in the dance rehearsals of the RJs didn’t think they would be able to make it up to the mark in such a short time. The excitement was taken to it’s heights by an amazing performance by renowned rock band of Nepal – Axix, who had recently released their album ‘Maaf Gara’ performed two songs. One from their last album and one were from their latest album. That’s how the exciting ceremony began with never ending thrill.
Radio Kantipur brought back long forgotten pioneer band ‘The Himalayan Hong Kong Band’ to life by felicitating them with prestigious ‘Life Time Achievement Award’. As they were honored with the award our pop icons Nima Rumba, Sugam Pokharel, Satya swaroop and others paid their respect by standing and the audiences followed them. The celebrities were standing and cheering until the members of ‘The Himalayan Hong Kong Band’ were up the stage. Many of us know the olden popular songs ‘Gajalule Aankhai Chopne’, ‘Musu Musu Hasi Deu’ and ‘Maya Le Maya Gasin Deu’ but very few of us know the songs are originally by ‘The Himalayan Hong Kong Band’. New comers Sirish Khadkha, Prasamsha and Mahesh Gurung also performed in the show. The wonderful part of the show was the amazing performances by Nima Rumba, Sugam Pokharel and Satya Swaroop. Not to forget the performance by Suresh Kumar and Deepak Thapa who performed the songs of ‘The Himalayan Hong Kong Band’. The fun didn’t end there. The best part of the show was yet to come. They must have worked really hard to make this happen. As they introduced their last performers the audience was already energized. On vocals was Robin Tamang (Robin and The New Revolution) and Mukti Shakya (Mukti and Revival), on lead guitars was Manoj KC (1974 AD), on the bass they had Rizu (Looza) and on the drums they had Nikhil (Nepathya). It was one in a life time experience to see them perform the national song ‘Ma Bhakta Hu Yo Desh Ko’. While they were playing the song, we could see our national flag everywhere giving all of us all the patriotic feeling. It seemed they had a hidden message – we love our nation and our national flag, we don’t want to change our national flag. What a way to convey the message while there has been some controversies over whether or not to change the flag.
Sugam Pokharel, winner of top 1 pop male singer of the year and the winner of ‘album of the year’ told fursad that he liked the idea of honoring the artists on the basis of air play of their songs. Sugam further says-‘The initiative they have taken to honor the artists with the royalty is praiseworthy! Artists have been raising the issue of royalty in recent times and I think the act of Radio Kantipur has supported the issue. Whatever they pay the artists more or less, at least they have started the trend and that is why the ceremony of Radio Kantipur is different from others. The life Time Achievement Award has already proved that pop music have already made history in Nepal.’
The winner list:-
Top 1 Agency :                                     Thompson Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Top 2 Agency :                                     Eco Advertising Agency.
Top 3 Agencye :                                   MaxPro Private Limited               
Top 1 Lyricist :                                     Ek Narayan Bhandari.
Top 1 Music Director :                        Suresh Adhikari
Top 1 Pop Male Singer :                    Sugam Pokharel
Top 1 Pop Female Singer :               Ciney Gurung
Top 1 Morden Male Singer :               Rajesh Payal Rai
Top 1 Morden Female Singer :          Anju Panta
Top 1 Lok Male/Female Singer :        Raju Pariyar
Top 1 Band :                                           Abhaya & Steam Injuns
Life time Achivement Award :              The Himalayans (Hongkong) Band
Album of the Year:                                 School Pathashala (Sugam Pokharel)

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