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Happy New Year!!!!!!  [Updated on 2008-04-11] 4425 views 0 Comments

Well, an eventful year of anxiety, sorrow, happiness, special moments of joy, sudden bouts of bad mood swings, anger and all other adjectives describing human emotions have passed us by. ‘As in life…so in music’ they say! Like every musical note, the year too has ended in a similar fashion. It had its share of the high and the lows and some shrill nasty notes in between as well. Some are best forgotten as ugly unexpected hiccups but there have been quite a few that shall be with us and in our memories long after the last note has been played. We now stand in the crossroads of difficult times; always with the hope that better days are ahead. We welcome the New Year with the never ending optimistic attitude that we are so truly characterized by. We here at wish you a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year! We also take this opportunity to thank you for your support in establishing us as one of the leading entertainment portals. We would like to extend our gratitude to our friends from the music fraternity of Nepal including the recording studios, artists, record labels, friends from the media, people behind the scenes and everybody from the music industry. Thank you again. We really appreciate it! Happy New Year!!!




Top 10 ‘Most Watched Music Videos’ From 1st November, 2007 to 11th April, 2008 on






10. ‘Gajalu Le’ by  Bhumi Raj Rai -10,698


9. ‘Baby Gurl’ by Nurbu Sherpa -10,844


8. ‘Antim Maya’ by Aastha -11,709


7. ‘Timi Nabhaee’ by Sugam Pokharel -12,580


6. ‘Timro Yaad’ by Nima Rumba - 13,067

5. ‘Bacheko Thiyee’ by Pramod Kharel -13,173


4. ‘Mai Thuli Bhaichu Re’ by Reshma Sunuwar -14,172


3. ‘Bannma Fulyo Ful’ by Agantuk Kharel - 16,235

2. ‘Pachi Lagnu’ by Dj Yuva - 18,811

1. Soundtrack of Flight # 187 by Jems Pradhan - 27,753

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भावविभोर हुँदै राते काइला ले थाम्न सकेनन् आसुँ....
दर्शक दीर्घाबाट आउनुपर्ने भनेपछि मैले चलचित्र मेरी कोमका निर्देशकलाई म जान्न भनें। ‘मेरो नेपालमा बिग नेम छैन, तर गुड नेम भने छ भनेर गइनँ........
मन्सुन लिएर उदाइन अप्सरा......
अग्रज हरु का अनुसार यि नब गायिका को स्वोर निक्कै नै राम्रो रहेको र मिहेनत गरेमा नेपाली पर्शो गायन मा उन्को भबिश्य राम्रो रहेको........
दशक अघी देखी सानु लाई कुरी रहेका प्रेम लामा औठी चिनो लिएर आउँदै.....
प्रेम लामा एक कुसल गायक हुन यो सबै लाई थाहा भएको कुरा हो उन्को कला यती मा मात्र सिमित छैन....... ...
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