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Asish Syangden  [Updated on 2009-10-15]
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As the foreign minister Sujata Koirala becomes deputy prime minister amidst an outcry and dissatisfaction in all quarters, the drama unfolds in every political talk show and every newspaper as the leaders of different parties make fools out of themselves with their statements. I think a month and half back, there was another drama when Sujata Koirala cancelled her India visit with Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal. There were lots of speculations about her cancelled visit. Lots of them said that she cancelled the visit because she wasn’t given the post of a Deputy Prime Minister. Then I read her interview in one of the news portals where she had talked about the cancelled visit. She had said she had been ill and therefore, couldn’t make it. She had also explained that she was all prepared for the visit by buying sari and cutting her hair. The big women festival Teej had just passed. Below the interview I saw an amazingly hilarious comment of a reader. The comment was –“Sujata is lying, sari Teej ko lagi kine ko ho! We can see how lightly people have started taking politics. Now it’s nothing but drama and humor for people. As I talk about humor, today in our interview segment we have a very popular RJ Asish Syangden, who has been the voice of Kantipur FM for over a decade, a person with very good sense of humor and amazingly spontaneous as people around him know for. Someone seldom gets bore in his company. He considers himself as a short tempered person however, fun, amusement, laughter is what comes in the minds of his friends when they think of Asish. Below is an excerpt of a conversation we had the other day with the man synonymous with the famous duo of The Rhythm Brothers.
How did your Dashain go? How does it feel to be back at work after a long good celebration?
Hhmmm Dashain was boring same old stuff….masu , rakshi, tass and stupid jokes. For me Dashain is an over-rated festival….it's just a house party that goes on for days. In fact even before my dashain holidays were officially over I was back to work and I was so glad to be back
What are you occupied with lately?
Well right now I'm working in co junction with Save the Children for a campaign that will start in November. Won't go into details since we're still on our planning phase….but you'll know about it sooner or later.
What made you choose the radio as your profession? Was radio always your passion?
Oh! How excited I’m to tell this story time and again! Radio came as a "fluke" to me….it all started when Prasan who was just back from Australia called up KFM where there was this British guy called Steve Cabb hosting a show and we found him so irritating…..somehow we got the line and won some prize….so the next day I accompanied Prasan to collect it and we met Steve Cabb. We had a nice chit chat with him and found out that he wasn't as irritating as we thought he was. On our first conversation with him he asked us if we were "real" brothers and we said "yes' and then he said are you guys interested in being an RJ? To which I said "no" and Prasan was like "if given a chance I'd try it out". He somehow liked the rapport we had together and then exactly after a couple of weeks of our meeting, Steve called us up. I still remember it was Nepali new years day and since we had partied hard the night before, my mom had picked up the phone, we gave him a call later and went to meet him and to our surprise he said "today is your lucky day, you're going on Air in 10 days time. I was still hesitant but Prasan was like 'why not go for it"….so with a lot of persuasion I also said "what the heck? Lets do it"….and as they say the rest is history…..that’s why I call myself being in radio a "fluke"
What did you want to become when you were a kid? What was your dream as a child?
I had no idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up as a kid…but since I loved automobiles a lot from a young age, maybe something to do with that I'm sure.
You have been doing the radio for more than a decade, what is that still drives you to do what you do?
Well I never pretended to be anyone or act like I knew everything. I just brought whoever I was "off air" to "on air' so I think just being myself was what clicked and the listeners could relate to that.
How did you feel, what was the experience like when you were on air for the first time?
Ahhh I don't even wanna think about it. It was the most nerve wracking thing that I had ever done…here was a guy who knew nothing about the radio or had any formal training before in front of a mic… you can imagine how I felt.
The most interesting thing about being in the radio!
I get to play my favorite songs hahahahah just kidding ;)…..well just connecting with listeners from all over the country and now even the world and just the thought of being able to entertain them.
Something that you hate about being in the radio!
We don't get holiday's. If you've got show whether on a bandh or some festival….well you gotta come and do it.
The most difficult situation that you have faced at work...
Professionally, the day when Gyanendra Shah the former King seized our transmission equipments….those where the dark days of radio.
There are a lot of radio stations in the valley, what do you think of the sheer  number of radio stations?
It's good, the more the merrier hahahahahh ….well it keeps all of us on our toes to give out the best products to the listeners…
10 years back there were limited radio stations and RJ's used to be real celebrities (some of them still are), surprisingly these days people tend to turn to another station where there is a nice song being played rather than listening to the RJ's. Do you think it has something to do with the increasing number of the stations or incompetent RJ's?
Am I still considered a celebrity hahahahahah….anyway coming to the question This I disagree totally… all depends on the RJ. If the RJ is boring and has no idea what the &*^% he or she is talking about even I would want to listen to just songs…but if the RJ talks well and keeps the listeners engrossed in what he/she is saying then obviously people will want to listen. The major problem we're facing right now is the quality of RJ's on radio. Anyone and everyone wants to be an RJ. Its not just going "on air' and talking bullshit…its about being spontaneous updated, creative and competitive. So all u wanna be RJ's if u think you've got all that…go for it!!!
Or is it simply a case of 'video killed the radio star'!
Nahh! Video can never kill the radio star….period!!
Where does a decade of experience take you, I mean where do you think you stand right now?
Well, I say I stand about half way to the top….still got a long way to go.
Oh! BTW tell us about your recent MTV exit shows, how was the experience?
Well for me it was like any other concert that I had done as an MC but professionally I've learnt a lot from the MTV crew when it comes down to the nitty gritty stuff. They go in to such minute details to make a show successful and we could learn a lot from their professionalism which is zero in Nepal.
You doing anything besides radio at the moment? I remember you had some business sometime back...what happened to that?
Oh ya the thing you re talking about is history now….but right now I'm busy with my Event management company A&S Events and Ideas….you will be hearing a lot from us within the next couple of months.
And what is it that makes you so energetic all the time? (red bull? ha ha)
Nahh! whiskey and coke…hahahahahahaa
When was the last time that you got mad with someone or something......
I get mad all the time. I'm very short tempered….don't really remember….so if I've ever been mad at anyone reading this….I'm sorry ;-)
You were the band manager of the popular band 1974 AD for sometime! What happened with that? Are you still with them?
Ya! I was a part of the band for around 6 months just helping out friends with their finances and their schedules, nothing professional. I couldn't give time so had to opt out…but I must say it was fun working with the guys. The guys are totally professional and thorough gentlemen. Would like to wish them all the best in their future endeavors
Anything you'd like to say to your listeners who have been listening to you for over a decadenow!
Well to those who've supported us from day one till date without you guys I wouldn't be where I am today….thanks for your support. You guys are the ones who made me into who I am….so I owe a huge part of my success to each and everyone of my listeners….cheers to you guys !!!!
Thanks for your shall be in touch. Have a wonderful day!
Cheers to!

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