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Mampi ‘Pawankali’ Ghosh  [Updated on 2008-10-05]
By: Pavel Udas 18870 views 1 Comments
- Pavel Udas
‘Pawankali’ is probably one of the most popular and entertaining TV show characters currently being broadcast through Kantipur TV and it’s our pleasure to have the presenter of the program, the charming and witty Mampi Gosh this week in our interview segment. We take the opportunity to also congratulate her for having accomplished what people had said would be really difficult considering that the previous ‘Pawankali’ was equally popular too. It's evident that people tend to get habituated of seeing things that they see on a regular basis. It's very hard to break that habit. As the new face of this Bengali Beauty appeared on The Pawankali Show, there were few questions and comments initially but in no time the new Pawankali managed to relate to the audience with an amazing ease thus, firmly establishing her as one of the most popular figures on the small screen. Below are some of the excerpts of my conversation with her.
Hi Mampi! How is it going?
Doing fine, going good and happy! Since Dashain is here, I feel good. Actually, I always feel excited and happy during these times of festivities. I like the holiday kind of atmosphere that Dashain brings along with it. Nice feeling overall!
Seems you recently bought new clothes, shoes for Dashain. Is it the reason that you are so excited?
Ha..ha… it's just 'nani dekhi lage ko bani' you see. Automatically it feels good during the festivities. I’m happy even though I am not getting any leave because of the KTV Film Awards, other work loads and prior commitments!
How did you happen to be Pawankali? How did it all start?
It wasn’t pre planned. You could say that it just happened. When I joined Kantipur TV, they needed a new Pawankali because the previous host could not carry on further. It was a big challenge for me, I accepted the challenge and I think I have been doing pretty well since then! The audience is happy with what they see and hear on the show.
How difficult was it to get inside the Pawankali character?
As I said, it was a big challenge. The face of Pawankali had changed and I knew it would be difficult for people to accept a new look Pawankali overnight. Thank god we didn’t have to bring the old Pawankali back! At first there were few complains but by the grace of god, people started accepting the new Pawankali and now it’s been two years. Believe me, I am not complaining.
You started your career as an RJ. How helpful has it been in your career?
That was very helpful indeed. A couple of years of radio experience increased my confidence level. I could speak more confidently and made less mistakes. Moreover, the show was a one take show. We didn’t have to retake the shots until and unless we had some major technical difficulties during the shoot.
Which is more interesting, radio or TV?
I think radio is more interesting and easier. You don’t need to look good while doing the show and there is no difficulty doing the show after late nights with dark circles and tired faces. ha….ha….but it’s different with TV. If you have a lousy mood then it might show on your face. Facial expression is given more emphasis. TV is much, much harder!
But I guess TV is more rewarding haina?
Yes it is! Working five years on the radio is equivalent to one year TV experience. But there are advantages and disadvantages of their own. It’s how people perceive things.
Have you been getting any proposals to act in films?
Yah! I got an offer for a movie. But I'm not interested in Nepali movies…. (Bollywood?) may be, ha…ha… I've been also getting some music video proposals. The Pawankali has some certain restrictions that contractually bind her and one of them is that the face can't be used except in the Pawankali show. I might do some good music videos, if offered in the future and after I have quit the show altogether!
What are you occupied with besides the Pawankali show?
Reporting for 'Kantipur Aaja'. Also working for Today's Youth Asia as a media trainer.
Any remarkable change after being Pawankali?
Nothing as such! It's just that people know me and it feels good to the recognition and the smiles that come your way!
These days you are also producing the Pawankali show besides being a presenter. Is there anything that you are planning further to make the show even more interesting?
It's already been a while, for a change we have changed the outfit of Pawankali. It's been three years that people have been watching the Pawankali with the same outfit. We needed a change. All our team has been discussing on some new concept. We've been getting some comments that new outfit doesn't match with the way Pawankali speaks. We've been working on whether to bring back the old outfit or do something else. We might change the whole concept of the show and come up with something new and different. We are working on it but one thing is sure, there will be some changes made!
It is said that The Pawankali show gets more into the negative aspects of people. How do you react to this accusation?
I think every show has it's own theme and concept. We have lots of shows that talk only about good and positive things. If we only talked about good and positive things I don't think this show would have been as popular as it is. Audiences have the right to know about the mistakes that a celebrity makes if s/he had made any. If I get some personal information, means s/he is not able to maintain their privacy. If it's too private than they should be able to keep it private. Pawankali always does proper research before questioning her guests. Pawankali never questions someone with just an assumption or as a hypothesis.
Has Pawankali found her Pawan Ji yet?   
I have not yet found my Pawan Ji yet but I do have crush on someone!
What qualities should one have in order to be your Pawan Ji?      
Factory ma order dina milcha?
Common speak your heart a lot of bachelors are reading this!
Ok then! Someone with a clean heart and lots of love for me. I'm someone who needs a lot of attention. Since I have a pretty good height, I need someone with a good height and well educated… need not be too rich and I don't mind if he is, he he!
What do you do during the load shedding hours?
I listen to the songs that I have on my cell phone.
Anything I didn't ask and you wanted to say?
Well! We talked pretty much about everything. Thanks Pavel and! Happy Dashain!

By: yogendra | [2012-01-25 07:46:16]

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