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Reema Gurung Hoda  [Updated on 2008-07-21]
By: Shishir Bangdel 8498 views 1 Comments
The adage ‘With great powers comes great responsibilities’, holds very true and if you happen to be a daughter of an equally renowned musician, the burden of living up to the expectations are even higher…more so if you also happen to be following in the footsteps of your father. The lady in focus is none other than the hugely talented Reema Gurung Hoda, the proud daughter of Prakash Gurung. Married to Nirmal Hoda, the proprietor of Santana Records and mother to a lovely son, most of her time is occupied looking after their home and as confessed to us, seldom has time for her first passion…Music. Touted as one of the best things to have happened to the music industry of Nepal as far as new crop of female singers are concerned, Reema has surely tried to live up to the expectations. Having released just a single album, ‘Praheenir’ about three and half years back, she has lent her voice to innumerable films and contributed on various albums of other fellow artists. Though she had been on my mind for an interview for a long time, I finally had the opportunity for one. I had a great time talking to her and I hope you will too going through our little chit chat. Here we go…
How would you introduce yourself in short?
I am just a simple artist.
He he! That was short. Could you tell us a little about your childhood days and how you started your musical career?
I was like any other regular kid growing up. I studied at Holy Garden Boarding School which was run by the accomplished veteran singer Kiran Pradhan and it was certainly a privilege. I joined People’s Campus for my Intermediate and then Tri Chandra College for my Bachelors. I am currently pursuing my masters. Music had always been an integral part of my as well as my family’s life. It was in the year 2050 BS, after my SLC exams, that I passed my vocal tests from Radio Nepal. I then started polishing up on my vocals. So that’s that.
Your debut album, ‘Praheenir’ was a big success. How and when did it happen?
It’s a long story actually and it took me even longer to come up with it. 12 years to be precise! For example, a song on it, ‘Maile Jannina Ki Kaso’ was recorded eight years ago. I was fortunate though because of the fact that there were quite a few well established, musicians, lyricists and past greats who contributed on ‘Praheenir’. I am forever indebted tomy dad Prakash Gurung, Deep Shrestha, Deepak Jangam, Sachin Singh, Raju Singh, Ashok Rai and Gagan Gurung for having the faith in me.
‘Reema is one versatile singer who can do justice to any genre or type of song’. How true is this statement?
It definitely feels nice and is a genuine compliment when people from the music fraternity appreciate my work. Though I have given my best while singing all genres, it’s the more soothing and ‘Adhunik’ based songs or little flavors of it that people say suits me…sentimental type of songs is what they are popularly called I think.
People say that one does not listen to songs these days, they ‘watch’ songs. Do you agree to this particular opinion?
You could be right to a certain extent. We all are aware of the impact that music videos have these days and we are also aware of the fact that music videos go a long way in promoting an artist. However, the beauty of watching a music video is directly proportionate to how beautiful a song is. The sole objective of a song is to remain in our hearts for a long time and that is possible only if the song is beautiful. Moreover, the singer needs to do justice to the song only then it shall remain within us for a long time. Just making great visuals do not suffice.
It is certainly great to see quite a lot of new crop of female singers entering the industry. What is your take on it?
Yeah! I agree. It surely feels good to see so many young and talented female singers entering the industry. Mind you, some are exceptionally good. However, how much patience they possess and how hard they are willing to work determines where they reach. Competition is tremendous and to be able to compete and sustain oneself, he/she needs to really be determined and work really hard in achieving one’s goals.
If there was something that you would like to change in the music industry, what would it be and why?
Every sector in the country is going through difficult times and the music industry is no exception. The instability the industry is going through is a matter of grave concern, but it is necessary to streamline and standardize how things are operated. It is equally important to also preserve and maintain what we have with us now.
You have been married for quite a while. They say with marriage comes added responsibilities, how do you take time out for your music?
I agree that marriage, looking after the kid taking care of the household activities and other commitments take up most of my time however, I do make it a point to take sometime out for my music. Having a very supportive husband and family surely has helped. Initially, before getting married, I was more into commercial songs but after marriage, I have only been giving time to quality songs and spending more time on a few really good ones rather than on numerous average songs.
Yours was a ‘love marriage’. What in your opinion is love exactly?
Love is everything. It gives strength to a life to live and lead in a good way.
Couldn’t have put it better! Besides singing, what else do you love to do?
Oh, I have a lot of interests. I love reading books and novels…Mills & Boon, Sydney Sheldon are still my favorites. I love to cook and listen to music. (Isn’t that obvious?)
Any comments on the ongoing political situation?
Its rather difficult to comprehend where we are heading to. However, may peace prevail once again and lets all join hands together in bringing peace in Nepal.
That about nearly wraps up. Any last words before we say our goodbyes?
Go for the good songs, quality music, lets try in whatever little way we can in stopping piracy and of course ‘Be Original, Buy Original’. Thank you very much for your time. Love, luck and prayers! God Bless!

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By: anup yonjan | [2012-01-04 06:51:43]

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