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Satya Kala Rai  [Updated on 2007-12-18]
By: Rajesh Shrestha 14898 views 1 Comments
What have you been doing lately as far as your music is concerned?
My new album, ‘Gunaaso’ has just been released in the market and I am pretty occupied with the promotions of it. Moreover, I just came back from a European Tour and I am quite tired. I am taking things rather slow…refreshing, resting and taking care of things here and there.
How was the tour?
Simply fabulous! Maybe because people there tend to miss Nepal a lot and that could be one of the reasons why they respect and love Nepali artists so much. Altogether, I performed at five different venues in Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg and everywhere I went, the audience was very supportive and gave me the love and respect that I have never before experienced. I would say that it was probably one of the most memorable performances, which I shall not forget for a long time.
Could you shed more light on the album ‘Gunaaso’ which has just been released?
‘Gunaaso’ materialized after two and half years of real hard work and a lot of energy on my part. Having received very encouraging and positive suggestions from my fans and well wishers and them insisting that romantic songs suit me, I have gone ahead and done things differently on this album. Hence, I have given more emphasis on romantic songs besides my own usual patterns. I have also incorporated ‘adhunik’ and ‘lok’ pop flavors to give that little bit of variety to the album. The response that I have been getting so far from the market and people who have listened to it, is really positive and I am happy about it.
The music video of the song “Dhadiya Thapi Deu” from the album ‘Gunaaso’ is getting frequent airplay on various TV channels. What type of song is it really?
The song is based on ‘purbeli lok bhaka’ with modern ‘adhunik’ music arrangements. The music has been provided by Raj Sagar and I personally feel that, the song portrays true genuine characteristics of Nepali soil. The video made by Mokshya also tries to portray the same and they have done a great job of it in complimenting the lyrics of the song with the visuals. In the next couple of months, you shall also be watching my next music video from the album on the song “Baidam Talaima”
When did you set your foot into the music industry and what are your thoughts on your musical career?
Honestly, I have always been passionate about singing…right from the time I was a kid. Though I had numerous performances under my belt, it was only after I started learning music under the guidance of Gurudev Kamat in the year 2057 BS, that I took it up professionally. It was in the same year that I recorded my first song ‘Bhamara Lai Ta K Cha Ra”. In 2058 BS, I released my debut album ‘Id Cardailey’, the success of which encouraged me to do better on my next venture, ‘Inernetaima’, which was released in 2060 BS followed by “Birshijanelai” in 2061 BS and now, ‘Gunaaso’ has just been released. Talking about my musical journey, initially, I always contemplated on making good music for the listeners and now there is the added burden of expectations from everyone. How to maintain my musical standards is something that bothers me once in a while.
Do you agree with the fact that your ‘lok’ flavored songs are more popular than the others?
It’s not only mine. Generally, all ‘lok’ flavored songs do well and are talked about more often than not. I feel its because folk songs are an integral part of every Nepali…it runs in our blood. It is ‘our’ music. As far as my ‘lok’ songs doing well is concerned, I believe they suit my vocal capabilities and thankfully, the listeners like them.
Having spent over nine years in the music industry, what are your personal views on it?
Nepali music is developing day by day at quite a rapid pace. The standard has improved by leaps and bounds with new technologies coming in. Taking up music as a profession no longer raises eyebrows these days; in fact it has provided platforms for better futures. I feel that music, within the past decade has witnessed tremendous changes, especially in the context of ‘lok dohari’, it would not be an exaggeration to call it the ‘golden era’. This is something to be really happy about. However, the trend of ‘spoiling’ the beauty of a song by remixing it with various genres is on the rise and this may not bode too well in the future. It will not last for long either.
Besides music, what are your other interests?
At the moment, its just music. Have not had the time to think of other things. I used to teach sometime back but since music has been taking up most of my time, I planned to further consolidate my passion for music. I simple love teaching and even if it is a part time thing, I intend to give it a little more consideration. Moreover, I am the kind of person who likes to spend time on my own. I like watching television, reading and basically, just relaxing at home.
How is Satya Kala Rai in person? We want an honest opinion here!
I am the kind of person who likes honesty and expect the same from others as well. I do not knowingly want to hurt the feelings of others. It is only natural that human beings make mistakes but I simply cannot forgive those who knowingly and intentionally make them.
Any last words to your fans before we wrap up?
I have just released my new album in the market. I have put in all my efforts into giving you music that you like. How successful I am in touching your hearts is entirely up to you. I would appreciate if you listened to my album and gave me your honest opinions and suggestions. I am always in need of your love and support…so be a little generous with it.

sarbapratham namashte satyakala bahini ma hari limbu ma sanai dehki dapaiko sawr asadaye manparcha ra ma aaja tada vai pani dapaiko tyo sumdhur sawsrle gunjiko githaru dawonlod garer sundei baseko6u
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