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Bibhor Pokhrel   [Updated on 2012-06-07]
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It’s been almost a journey of eight years that Music video director Bibhor Pokhrel been involved in this field. In this long journey of his he has directed more than 150 music videos. From, Bharat Sitaula’s “Huncha bhane huncha” , Dambar Nepali’s “timilai aru ko angalo ma”, Kamal Khatri’s “bachne aasa ma” to Bunu Manandhar’s “Kalpana”, he has directed various hit numbers. And now he plans something bigger. Bibhor now plans to be film director and has already directed a film as well. He soon now plans to release his film. Let’s hear what the film is about and its story from Bibhor himself.

. What are you doing nowadays?
I am a creative director in “play it on, reloaded”. So, right now I am busy in it.

. Being a music direction yourself, how much is it necessary to do direction course
 before involving oneself on it?
Yes it is necessary; being myself a music video director I too did the course. As, there is a saying, some people knows by learning and some by doing. I think it is necessary to take the course because it helps to gain technical knowledge and if you don’t know technical things than it will be very hard to direct anything. Besides, that for being music video director creativity counts the most, though taking course helps you to know technical thing, it depends on your creativity to make it more beautiful.

. I have heard that you are working on a film project, is it true?
Yes, I have just completed the shooting of the film.

. What made you interested in the films?
Actually, more than interest it happened to me by my friends. My friends came up to me with propose of making films together and now I am involved in it myself. As, I said earlier, shooting is already finished only the climax scenes and songs are left to be shot other than that the work is almost finished. Being said that, I was interested to make films and thought one day to direct a film of my own but I never imagined it to direct it so fast.

. Say more about the film?
My films name is “Ma ani Timi”. It is a triangular love story and the suspense prevails until the end of the film.

. There are so many other love stories film, what difference have you made in it?
It is a love story and it is no different from other love stories as the main theme of the film is love itself. But definitely from my side I have tried my best to show it in a different way. I came from music video directing so I have gained some ideas from it which I think I have portrayed nicely in the film. There is suspense. I think I represent the young generation and being a part of it, I know their interests and on the basis of it I have made the film. There is not a vast difference from other love stories but definitely audiences will feel the difference.

. Have you done any film making course?
Yes, I have done. I did Diploma in Digital Cinematic Technology and have done editing courses as well. It’s been almost 7 to 8 years.

. Since how long you have been planning for this film?
Actually, it’s just been seven to eight months. And by Dashain I am planning to release it.

. What’s the direction between music video direction and film direction?
There is difference between music video direction and film direction. Music video is of four to five minutes but film is nearly two to three hours and to grab the audience’s attention for so long is really challenging job. Music video is of few minutes so to collect everything and portray a nice story is really tricky whereas, we can express ideas nicely and clearly through films. The way of thinking for both is different. It is very hard to direct film than music video. But at the end both is similar. Music video is a smaller form and Film is a bigger form of entertainment or to portray ideas.

. What are your expectations from the film?
It is my first attempt and I am tried my best. But definitely there are some flaws as well. I didn’t have time to do enough homework. I am a bit scared as well about the responses of the audiences but whatever it is; I will try to do better in my next film learning from the mistakes from this film. And I really hope that audiences will like my film as I have made it for them. It’s been awhile that films different from mainstream films like “Chapali height” or “loot” has been a successful film, I hope my film will work as well.

. What are your future plans?
I want to direct more music videos. I want to direct almost two to three best music videos; kind of dream project. Besides, I will wait for a while until my film “Ma ani Timi” releases. Collect its responses, opinions, and work hard on my next project.

. How are you in person?
I have gained a lot of experiences from modeling to music video director to now film director. So, now what I want is to create my own identity. It’s something I have always wanted. That’s it.

. Lastly, Thank you so much for your time?
Thank you Fursad.

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