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Sita Maiya Rajchal   [Updated on 2012-05-25]
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Sita Maiya Rajchal
is a fine Musician and has been doing instrumental music for almost more than a two decade now. Starting at the tender age of 8 years, Sita has been practicing Music for last 27 years. From, “The Tradition”, her first album, 2005 to “Talking Strings” second album, 2012, in this whole journey the thirst for some more Music has always encouraged her to learn more and more says she. Being a gold medalist in Music herself, she is totally devoted on Music and hopes for the same in Future as well. So now for, Lets hear what she has to say! 

. What are you doing nowadays?
Well, I am trying to work on the feedbacks that I got from my recently released album, “Talking String” and besides, I am searching new matters, new thoughts for my next album. 

. Say more about your album, “Talking Strings”?

 “Talking Strings” is a complete fusion Musical album. There are altogether 8 tracks all resembling 8 different stories, feelings from Jazz to Dance, Feelings like hidden love, un expressed love . There is a fusion of typical classical music with the modern music. 

. What kinds of instruments you have used in this album?
I have used guitar, saxophone, Sitar, all the typical Nepali instruments like Madal, Murchunga, Flute and others. 

. What is your favorite instrument? And how often do you play it?
My favorite instrument is Sitar. I play it daily. I can’t sleep at night if I didn’t play the Sitar. And if due to some reasons I cant play the Sitar than I wake up at mid night, start playing it and then only sleep. It’s kind of habit. I love playing Sitar very much. I have used it frequently even in this album “Talking Strings”. 

. it’s been almost 27 years that you are in Music, so how it all started?
Actually, it all started from My Father. My Father if fond of Music and he started taking harmonium course in home. As, he called the teacher at home he encouraged all of us (Mother, Me and Brother) to take the course and slowly my interest grew on it. I also did my Bachelors and Masters in Music. The whole credit goes to my Father. 

. What is the current scenario cum scope of instrumental music? 
The current scenario is good but it’s not so good enough. There are only few people who are professionally and sincerely engaged in it. But it doesn’t mean that there is no scope in it. If you work hard and take it seriously than definitely there is scope. I myself perform thrice a week on Thamel. So, of course there is scope but there should be sincerity and continuity. 

. Is it only limited to Katmandu than other parts of country? 
Not only in Katmandu, in Bhaktapur, and even in Lalitpur as well the market of instrumental music is very good. But yes, definitely other than these cities, the market is not good. Only limited people are on this especially old generation. We can say that there is almost 4 or maximum 5 % participation of new generation which is really sad. 

. How is instrumental music different from commercial music? 
In commercial music feelings are expressed through words while in Instrumental music feelings either sad, happy or any is expressed through musical instruments. If you cant express the feeling from the instrument or convince your listeners of what you are expressing either sad or happy then you are not a good instrument Musician. It’s all about expressing. 

. What do you do besides Music? 
Well, I don’t do anything besides Music. My husband has a restaurant so sometimes I go there and help my husband beyond that there is nothing special. 

. How is Sita, in person?

 I am a very simple person. My aim is Music and I am in it from last 2 decades and will too continue it in the Future. 

. Lastly, Thank you so much for your time?
Thank you Fursad.

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