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Joheb Manandhar   [Updated on 2011-10-23]
By: Susma Rai 9587 views 3 Comments
It's been almost four years that you came up with your prior album 'Revive'.  Don't you think it's a long gap?
  I never understand people when they asked me where you have been lost. In fact, I am always with in music in different way. It's not like I need to release my album not to make gap. I did different collection albums. However, the fact is that I never come up to media telling all these things. Besides, I went for my Europe tour and engaged with my business stuff. 
Tell us how you got into music.
  It's nothing like, my family environment was musical. However, I just used to sing within friend circle during my school days and in different local programs. People around me began notice about my singing. Later, my some friends and I formed band ' Who-Does' and we really tried hard. 

So young!

 Yes. Tell you, I was studying on standard nine when I record my first song. It was 2049 and me along with Nima Rumba, Raju Lama of Angels Band, Babin Pradhan were started our musical journey with the same collection album. Aanil Sthapit produced that album. In addition, I am proud that everyone is an established singer now. 

Who is  your musical inspiration?

  Everybody, in addition every music is my inspiration. I got so much love for rock and roll music and I hear so much incredible music. Arabic music and Spanish music always fascinate me like nothing does. I think, being an artist we have to be little well-rounded. You should know a bunch of music and have respect for all sorts of genre and style of music. 

How would you describe the feel of your album?
  It's eclectic. I am hoping that 'Ma yasto geet gaunchu', 'Jau Timi' and 'Kina Kina' songs that I did was really something for them. And may be it lets them know that I am a little unorthodox when it comes to genres and styles. This time also you are going to get an eclectic mix of music. I think there's something for everyone. 
Tell us in more detail.
My new album is still unnamed. I was thinking of keeping 'Saathi' but I got some albums already having this name. Songs in the album are little classic rock, soft rock, romantic melody and funky. Definitely, it has different taste than that of prior record. In this album, DJ Fare also did a DJ mix of my golden hit number 'Maa Yasto Geet Gaunchu'. My promotional song would be 'Lalupate Ootha' which is classic rock. Personally, I emphasized in lyrics for this song and it got well appreciation. Video is also about to be ready. Hope everything will be okay.
What's the concept of video?
 Simply, there will be a lady model and hopefully I will be shown in some movements. Truly, it's hard task for me when it comes to matter of act. I would like to make it simple yet standard. I just cut off my hair for the video shoot.
Has your recording process changed?
 You know, it is funny. When you are recording a record, you always continue to raise the bar. You have one song that happens to be your favorite and then every other song has to measure up to that song. I went into recording this record with the attitude that I wanted to make. I wanted to make a record that made people feel happy, that you could put it on and listen to the whole thing, want to move to it.  
Why do you think you succeeded so many others failed?
I think, for music we need to have passion. My obsession to music always inspires me to continue. I can proudly say, it's been almost 17 years of my musical career. Still I feel like very fresh and excited. When I started, I used to do only music. Still I am doing it seriously, though I am involved in my family business.
What is your family business?
Right now, am busy with my 'Green Olive Restaurant and Shish a Bar '. My family had the 'Fishtail  Restaurant' at Dubai, which was very famous among the Nepalese there.
So, do you mind if we asked about your married life? (He He)
Not at all. I proudly say- I am happily married man. Right now, I stay with my misses; Liza Manandhar and my lad Joel Manandhar. My son is already 3 years old.  
Who are your favorite Nepali artists?
For me, I always appreciate Sabin Rai as an artist and he is my favorite. Recently, I like Aman Pradhan too. He is too young but still I saw the energy label and that zeal in him. 
Anything you want to share at last.
Once, I would like to say – it's my fifth album in my 17 years musical career. And I will continue it in future. Hope everyone will accept my new record. 
Thanks for speaking with
Great talking with you!

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