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Inside A Cabin Restaurant   [Updated on 2007-11-28]
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The article below has been reproduced exactly the way it was sent to us by the contributor. No editing of any nature has been done so as to keep the authenticity of the writer's experience in his/her own words intact.(except for spelling corrections for obvious reasons) --- Editor (
My friend was riding a bike; I was at the back wearing a dirty helmet. I did not know where we were heading for. The only thing I was sure about was it was going to be a heavy dinner free of cost. Bakery Cafe was my choice. But to my surprise he pushed his brakes of the Chinese machine near a big and dirty house at Old Baneshwor. I just followed him. To obey him was better for me as it was a treat on him for his good results in + 2. We entered the restaurant; a group of damsels was giggling at the reception counter. There was a cheap carpet on the floor. A fast Hindi number was blaring, which made the environment worse.
We took the seat in a private cabin; all cabins were partitioned with thin plywood and velvet curtains. The moment we reserved our seats, a young waitress wearing chiffon outfit came to receive our order and went away. I could clearly see a slow excitement in my friend's face. After a while, she came back this time with 100% artificial and hideous smile. She sat between the two of us in no time. My friend dabbed both her hands and asked like a true paramour, "What will you take sweetheart?" "Beer" she replied without a second thought. In the meantime, I kept on observing her. Transparent T-shirt, local blue jeans, big earrings and painted dark lips. Every now and then she chuckled showing all her 32 teeth. But to tell you the truth, she was really HOT. No, I could not believe all these. Though I had read and heard a lot about clandestine cabin restaurants, dance restaurants and massage centers it was hard to believe. Now that I had witnessed and experienced myself still I was hesitant to believe it. 
As she went to attend a new customer, I found the time to ask my friend. He said “Common, just enjoy it” He added " It's better than having a girl friend, going to expensive restaurants, hiring a taxi, going for a date, forget all those stupid things and just visit a cabin restaurant when in need, save money and time." Next time, she came and embraced both of us and gave us an amorous smile. I wonder how inorganically they have to hug and kiss every frog they meet that come to the restaurant. How effortlessly and easily they have to smile every time forgetting their pains, mortification, humiliations and sufferings. Are they really happy? Answer is a big No. But you have to survive at first.
The evening was getting darker. My friend was ordering more and more. She was sitting between the two of us. I dared to ask what circumstances drove her to come here. At the outset she made fun of my query saying, “ To meet cool guys like you”. As I clung on over the same thing she became a little serious. As expected that was not her wish at all. She was not comfortable with my questions but I did not leave her. Gradually, she narrated the whole shebang. She was an I. Com. student of Sarswati Campus, originally from Ramechhap district. “How do you cope up with society?” I put forth the next question. It’s a male dominated society so we should be cautious and watchful every moment. It was amazing to hear all these. She could answer so brilliantly; I had not even imagined. 
She further added she lived at Maharajgunj, worked at Baneshwor so that people could not recognize her. “ JE GARE PANI JINDAGI MA BACHNU TA PARYO” She said, “ But once you fall into this métier it is really hard to get out of this hell”. Her honesty was really praiseworthy.  The environment had changed then. We asked her to behave like a good friend. On our request she shared some plaintive and pathetic incidents. When she was sick for one-month, the house owner was about to ask her to leave and there was not even a penny left for her treatment. She covered face and whimpered “ How could have I survived without this work”. Meanwhile she said “Different types of men come here to spend money, use us and return back and those very people label us characterless once they are outside”. What is character and who are characterless? The men who deceive and delude their wives and girlfriends and squander money and time or the helpless and dejected girls like her who have nothing to do but survive? 
She also shared her plan, she had applied for a sales girl job in some show room in
New Road and was looking forward to hearing from them. It was time to leave, our bill came up to Rs. 900, my friend gave Rs 1000 and asked her to keep the change but she denied. She said it would be a big tip for her if she could not see us again in the cabin. We wonder how quickly a relationship could be created. She was sad when we left; perhaps because after a long time she could share her feelings with some strangers. As we moved out, two muscular guys entered the restaurant and immediately she brought her pleasant smile back. This time I fully understood the pain behind that particular smile. 
I wish to bump into her in
New Road soon.

By: preet | [2012-02-10 22:27:11]

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