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Waiting....  [Updated on 2012-05-14]
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The article below has been reproduced exactly the way it was sent to us by the contributor. No editing of any nature has been done so as to keep the authenticity of the writer's experience in his/her own words intact.(except for spelling corrections for obvious reasons) --- Editor (
Tick tock, tick tock the time passes by. I sit on my chair facing the window, rain pouring in the window. As I pace my chair back and forth, I go back to my youth and the one specific time when I met Amrit. He was my friend’s cousin. The first time I met him was in my friend’s brother weeding. A casual introduction then a telephonic conversation finally resulted into a relationship. The time escapes so fast. We had a very beautiful relationship. He was very loving and caring. Usually, I used to nag him but he was very understanding and used to easily forget the fights we used to have. Time passed back, we used to have frequent dating, and in those frequent dates we used to share so many immemorial moments. We both were students, I in 11 and he in 12, one batch senior than me and a twice a year older than me. I remember, in 14th Feb, we both bunked our classes and went Nagarkot to celebrate. There we sang songs, chatted about our future, I sang a romantic poem for him and he kissed me in my forehead whispering I love you. All day long was so magical to me, so warm and soothing.


Days were passing on, after the completion of 12, he tried aboard. Actually, we decided that he would first apply for Australia as he was a batch senior to me and after my 12, I would join him and we will be together. Luckily, he got the Visa. We both were so happy and called for another celebration. That evening we were very happy and enjoyed a lot that our dreams were turning into reality. We started dreaming our future together in Australia and also cried in each other’s arm as we were being apart even if it was just a year. Finally, the day came to say Good bye. He had his evening flight so all day long we were together but when it came to depart towards Airport. I said him that I would say my good bye now as I can’t see him going. Can’t control my feelings, I hugged him, kissed him madly and both crying. I came back home crying and crying for days to come. The next day, I received a call, it was Amrit’s. We talked, I was crying and so was he. But he encouraged me to concentrate on my studies and prepare for Visa. Slowly, everything came to normal and I completed my +2 but my unfortunate I met a terrible accident where I lost my legs. At first, I didn’t dare to say Amrit anything about it but on my birthday, I told him and he was heartbroken. He said he wanted to return back to see me but I stopped. How would I face him? But he was determined to come back and I stopped him saying next year and he said me to wait for him. After he knew about my accident, he used to call me almost twice a day then once a day, once a week and it was in months than the calls stopped. I waited for his call but it never came again.

Suddenly thunder roars outside the window in far sky, I realize that I was in recurring dream. As, I see the watch it’s already 20 years and I am on my early 40’s. I don’t know why he didn’t call me. I think I know the reason but also if he would have just told me straight then I would also won’t have forced him. All these years pass by and I am on old age home, still in hope that he will call me, still waiting for him to arrive.

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