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Video of the week

Title: Mero Prem
Artist: Axix
Album: Aadhuro Prem 2

Title: BalidaanS
Artist: Rajiv Prwawat
Album: Saajh

Title: Bada Gazabko
Artist: Samir Acharya
Album: Bada Gazabko

Title: My Valentine
Artist: Deepu Neupane

Title: Mohani Mantra
Artist: Nakul Karki
Album: Mohani Mantra
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Title: ‘Tala Tala Beshima’

Artist: Bijay Lama, Mausami Gurung, DJ Yuva
Album: Speed 2
Direction: Suraj Singh Thakuri

Song:- ‘Tala Tala Beshima’
Artists:- Bijay Lama, Mausami Gurung, DJ Yuva
Album:- Speed 2
Location:- Jhor
Camera:- Shiva Ram
Direction:- Suraj Singh Thakuri
Editor:- Subash Aryal
Music:- Sambhujit Banskota
About the video in the director’s own words:-
As you can see, it’s a typical love story in a village setting. The guy is after the girl and the girl seems to ignore the guy even though she likes him. The story revolves around the guy and the girl. It’s kind of innocent village love sequence. It was a 10 hour of shoot. There was an artificial waterfall where we wanted to shoot and they agreed to flow the water just for seven minutes. We had to finish the whole shot in 7 minutes and though it was hectic, I’m happy that we did it. This is a remix song and I wanted to show that remixed videos can be done without dance choreography which is the current trend these days. We had done a pretty good home work for the video because we have tough competition here which is good for the overall standard of video making. We obviously need to work harder if we want to be here for the long run. I wish to add something here now that I have had the opportunity…the only thing that can make us grow and take us forward is the audiences’ comments and suggestions. We are hoping for your feedbacks so we can derive better ideas and come up with even better videos in the days ahead! Thank you! 
hi dud
By: ramesh | Date: 2012-02-13 02:49:40
Bejhy bro u rbest singer
By: neyan tamang | Date: 2011-12-03 04:59:12
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