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Video of the week

Title: Mero Prem
Artist: Axix
Album: Aadhuro Prem 2

Title: BalidaanS
Artist: Rajiv Prwawat
Album: Saajh

Title: Bada Gazabko
Artist: Samir Acharya
Album: Bada Gazabko

Title: My Valentine
Artist: Deepu Neupane

Title: Mohani Mantra
Artist: Nakul Karki
Album: Mohani Mantra
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Title: Dil Basyo

Artist: Raju Lama
Album: Mongolian Heart 5
Direction: Naren Limbu

 Song:- Dil Basyo
Album:- Mongolian Heart - 5
Director:- Naren Limbu
Camera:- Ganesh Humagain/ Naren Limbu
Editor:- Mokshya Production
Location:- Sikkim/ Darjeeling/ Kapan


About the video in singer’s own words:- 

Raju Lama had a concert in Sikkim and we planned to shoot the video in Darjeeling and Sikkim. We got the script ready. Actually according to the script, we had to shoot the video in the train. But we couldn’t get the authority to shoot the whole video in the train and the whole plan went haywire. That’s why we had to change the whole plan and shoot the video in a different way. We decided to start the shoot in Sikkim where we selected the actors out of the interested students there. Then we went to Darjeeling where we faced some difficulties that I don’t want to mention here! We were only able to shoot 10% of what we actually had in our script. Somehow we completed the video. The weather wasn’t friendly at all so it took us 7/8 days to shoot the whole thing. It was one hell of an experience this time because I had never had gone through such difficulties that I faced in this project. I hope you’ll enjoy the video. Thanks!

soft n good song.
By: subash | Date: 2012-02-04 17:32:06
lyris is best
By: rajesh | Date: 2012-02-03 04:04:10
good songs
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